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Fires! first fires of fall, lazily pumping smoke out deadbeats’ chimneys, –Not by the hair of my chimney chimchim,oh! Chim-chim-in-ee, Chim-chim, Che-ree! Ahh, Bert, a gentleman you are..Thanks! and a jolly ‘oliday to be with U 2, Ma-ree!

Sunrise, –sprinkling gold-dust on forests, green..’neath clouds a-flutter in azure skies! dry ocean, upside-down, moon and stars, passed with night. God’s work for free to a thieving poet such as I, “..alas! ’tis a pity,” methinks, “we can’t all be, m’self&I, Aye!” But, on the other hand, it’s fair to say, no one else could rule the universe better than He, –He, Him, Yahweh..Elohim, Jehovah, the First and the last, whose name is too holy for an earthbound poet like m’self to utter..Mutter! we’ll meet again, in God’s good time. Vater, I’ll see you, too, –Schnell..toot sweet!

Mary Poppins come ’cause parents are too busy, always, ti-take the kids in tow..y’ know? and she brings with her, a lowly chimney-sweep, to teach ’em to create, like scratching likenesses of things, with chalk! into sidewalks, but! Kingdom come! ’cause people need to understand time is short..and soon, very soon! we are going to see the King, Hallelujah!

It’s all the same..but it’s not! Trying to get everyone the right to choose, –what was it? Sufferage?? womens’, well, whatever! it is no good without God’s wisdom smack in the middle..of all of it; and banking business, it will all fall short when ‘Mr. Big-bucks’ Humpty has his great fall! and none but the LORD himself, God willing! can put him together again, –after the fact! Let the fire fall! fall, Truth..Way, and the Light. Fall, Holy Spirit!

So fall, it always brings on the reflective spirit in a poet..any poet worth his salt! with all the smoke layng down on the valley for all to see..all of us under a blanket; and me, well, you see, in a couple of days from now, right now, actually! I’ll be laying on the table out like a light with my chest opened like a watch, and some guys..some well-trained guys! but guys, nonetheless, will be peering in there under excellent light in a very clean room, playing with their grown-up doctor toys, tinkerin’ and fiddlin’ with me ticker..Harghh..One way or another, it’s Bye-bye! to the nitro-glycerine, little white things for under the tongue, if need..

So! I could be reflecting on that future event in the immediate sense; but I’ll pause to say here I am confident the hand of God is in all of it. And He will see me, and us through it, whatever it is and whatever the outcome, it will be His good pleasure to cheer all of us on, beyond it all..for mortals yet here on earth, and those who enter gates of paradise to meet Him face to face, all will come out right..because He is God, the great I AM. And I am so thankful that I don’t have to seriously ask, “How does He do it?” Why? Because He is The God, He is doing His job, and it’s not my problem to know how it’s getting done. As I am, here on His green earth, getting sprinkled with bottles of Golden sunshine this morning, having the wrinkles ironed out..along with the other squirrels in the forest, I am happy just to be a witness to it, His beautiful creation; and I should be silent for a moment, at least, a moment of silence in awe of the job I have personally seen Him do in the course of my days. How is that possible?? to shut my mouth, for once at least. With God all things are possible; and however HE chooses to do it I’ll accept it, and praise Him for it.

Thank you God for waking me up today..and for coffee; and the dog and the cats; and for clouds that ain’t fake. And Mary..God bless us, everyone. In Jesus’ name A-men.

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