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Poets, artists..a-hem!

What about..boredoms – Scary! and it ain’t even Halloween, yet.

Process, for me, at least is everything..Attitude! it has to get the adrenaline flowing to get me engaged, fascinated (especially, a woman). s0

We grew up watching T-v. Then it went to computers, which, I can argue, qualifies us to be the greatest generation. Why? I’ll tell you why! because those other wimp’s never had to fight Howdy-doody and Bill Gates (that’s why). We fought ’em with one hand tied behind our back! standin’ on one foot, too..Toto! wut


T-v sucks the spark, of life! out of one, –’tis all passive exercises of imagination >emotion..imaginations, emotions, stirred by someone else’s labours, nothing gels, or indeed can. Basically we were programmed to sit and stare at the boob-tube..being programmed. Of course some of us had parents that spurred us to greater heights..than T-v! but in the end, T-v won. I; therefor it won.

We – the greatest generation I like to think – chose our poison, whether it bees Milton Berle, or Ed Sullivan, –or Captain Kangaroo!

were handed our lunch, went to school..learned The Flag-Salute, our numbers, and George Washington chopped down the cherry-tree; and for a treat, they drug out the 16mm projector to show something scientific, Kilikety-klak! like why there’s communists; hand-writing cursive’s, cards, under those weird, hanging lamps with the planetary rings around the bulb for pleasant diffusion, hey! we do as-best-os we can.

Halloween every year they had a big fall festival to get ready for on Friday after school, big thing at night, ‘A’ side of all that May-pole, jazz! past Christmas, cusp of (lot fell through the cracks, since); with costumes, night play-ground, and cake-walks’ PA’s..and prizes! and a haunted house. It was good, all good; except next, they, the big they..THEM! made us sign a contract, in blood. That got us the computers. The day would come a scruffy gnome and call in the debt:

“NEW BABY! give her up or name that name..”

Name? he wants a name, oh! Oh my Gosh! he said it I can”t recall it! what was that name? just need a name. Oh! wait, what am I missing on T-v..! pernicious propaganda, —religious hog-wash!! Were we ever given the pass-word? the claim-check? Google it! Yes, my friend..GOOGLE

The old Uni-vacs, that got us to the moon and back –computers that took a whole warehouse? they worked great like huge electronic brains wired to tele-visions, nothing ads! just questions submitted on punch-cards..they’d spin through all their data on reels of magnetic tape, like giant 8-Track’s, working..but super-fast! searching, to supply the demanded answer. Was it even there? Maybe the question was no good: That does not compute..


LOST IN SPACE, like the chinese, –now we’re going back! not centuries, but millenniums..The chinese, for long time, have had more than our western YES/NO tools for breaking it down..beyond arbitrary binary limitations..oppressions (QUOTE/UN-QUOTE). With them there is a third answer, a response, MU, –meaning, the question makes no sense, “YANKEE DOG!” Maybe that’s why they’re communists..and we’re not? Maybe it can be argued no question makes sense; then what follows? Hm? Okay. Maybe..try

(OK=MU..HM?=MU..MAYBE=(M)=MU..=WU-HU!), now we’re sciencing!

T-v never prepared us for this..and then we needs must go to college? mu? nwo, –U2?

RUMPELSTILTSKIN! >Blur-r-r-rghh!

Jesus saves!


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