stars fell..ala Bejing-bama

Night into day, in to day, night, in..a wading-tub filled with stars, bright! plastic bobbing about on old, black water, –Junk sunset, as fall falls, ah! and the moon, too..leaving fuzzy foot-prints on the heavens, and the usual unseen GIANT hand grabs the tub by its top, tipping it firmly, inexorably over, right on time! as stars and stale smelling water roll out over the blue rim, BLUE! under extreme weight, out!! filters, in dead grass to the sidewalk, grabbing red, brown leaves, stick material, and bits of paper trash as they go, under trees’ dark shadows sucking stickily into the storm drain tied, static, at the curb, –that it! here comes the sun. The sun also..made in china

Published by scrunchymacscruff

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