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In the wee hours,

In the wee hours, the cats travel the highways and byways, their trade routes! deepening hairy furrows in old carpets past the fireplace and dog, to their cat-foods, and box in the bathroom, in candlelight, leaving in their furry wake’s, foot-prints..a spirit-trail of cat-ghosts to wander these rooms, eternally’s just daylight. Prior to that, stars were everywhere, a couple of planets..and a kitty tried to open a Christmas gift ahead of schedule, Mm! but was thwarted midway in that effort, the battle of attack on ribbons and wrapping, warped! cats are, some of them freaky about presents that happen, always, the time of year when we celebrate the dawn of God’s redeeming grace, birth of The Saviour, offering a reconciliation for all men to him, in times such as these..when love draws together sworn enemies, each, hoping merely to survive a night, and by a miracle making peace among themselves, showing each other a kindness, a light..temporarily. A light little dusting of snow happened on Christmas eve, before sleep came last night, to remind us how white we are washed of sin in the blood of the lamb, Hallelujah! the dog is chasing her tail, now, growling and huffing at it, wants outside to run in the snow! Of course! she’s a object lesson? God knows, as He knows all things, like..How merry is your Christmas? God bless us everyone. Friends, time is indeed short. Make straight the paths. Open your heart to Jesus. A-men!

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