..a man called by God

There was a man called by God to restore his nation to greatness. He had a heart for God, so God could use him to accomplish His purposes. The first thing that he noticed, following years of economic subjugation of his country by foreign enemies colluding with traitors within enriching themselves in the bargain, was the severe and desperate need of the people to be helped by creating jobs for them to earn a living, and have their lands returned – which had been used as collateral for loans, or, sadly! sold outright for a pittance – so they could work the soil, and once again be self-reliant. Assessing conditions, the man of God told these captains of industry to forgive the debts and return the lands so the people, long under financial oppressions by the entrenched wealthy and politically well-to-do, could have a path to meeting basic needs for themselves and their families. He told them if they would agree to do this they would receive the blessings of God; and if they refused it would not go well for them. The heels, feeling the injustices done, readily agreed to do what the man of God told them; but just to keep them honest, he had them sign a legal agreement to that effect. That project went forward, and the nation was strengthened and prosperity happened.

The next project God gave the leader-priest in short order was to repair and fortify the wall of the nation-state, which was in a pitiable condition, by design of certain enemies of those people, and collaborators, –their own countrymen! to render them defenseless against their depredations, handing leaders of corrupt empires a license to steal and do as they pleased with no deterrent..because of no defensible border. The man of God immediately set to work on the wall, and with God’s help, was nearly finished with the project ahead of schedule; at which time the profiteers and their cohorts discovered the status of the faithful leader’s work, and recognized the immediate threat to their continued stripping and export of the nation’s wealth. Their reaction was instant.

The representative of The People was busily at work supervising the completion of the nation’s defenses when messengers sent by the piratical evildoers arrived, bearing letters containing urgent demands that he immediately cease all work for the nation’s peace and security, and come meet with them on their turf to discuss vague issues, and special insider intelligence concerning his personal safety; but the man of God, seeing it as the win-or-lose opportunity that it was, disappointed them in no small measure by advising that his work was of supreme importance and must not be interrupted (God plainly showed him that the schemers, having no authority to command a meeting, were concocting fake news in hopes they might sway his faithfulness to God by fomenting fear, to cause him to fall in an act of disobedience, that would ensure his failure to complete the last details attending to the wall). It should be remembered that from the beginning of his leadership, the man of God took none of the just compensation for his work that was customary and perfectly legal for him to receive, but only resources necessary to sustain the men working in his administration, to fulfill the promises he had made. His work was before God, and pleasing God was more than ample compensation for this righteous and humble man.

The provocateurs, upon receipt of the reply by that nation’s no-nonsense re-builder, went into an unprecedented panic, seeing their cash cow being led swiftly to the chopping-block – and gossamer alliances about to be shredded – sent more open letters, warning him of imminent secret plots by scurrilous individuals, of a design to liquidate him, and again urging a hasty conference at a more convenient and safe location, for his benefit, so tragedy might be averted. Seeing through more empty threats coming from bribed messengers, and focused on his God given mission, the protector of his people tirelessly labored over the final details of restoring the wall, replacing the secure portals of entry, and reestablishing his nation, a well-protected state. His work there, was finished.

When news of this watershed development reached the ears of the foreign rulers and the cohorts, their chagrin was complete, recognizing that God alone had accomplished this mighty miracle, –their long-standing political and economic domination of that country tossed on the dung-hill of history, a beaten-down nation, once again made great..a force to be reckoned with. The leader had demonstrated in front of the noses of the heathen what one God fearing man, leading by example can accomplish. The next immediate task at hand was to review documents establishing who were legal citizens entitled to benefits, and, by statute, ensure the just rewards of kinship for their posterity. Who was that man of God? Read Nehemiah chapters 5 and 6, –if you want to know..Hint: It wasn’t Ronald Reagan (necessarily).

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