Honey, –“Someone..the cake..(left it out in) the rain. I don’t think that I can,

uh, you know, –take it..” Yes! That, yeah, that is so great!! He’s thee Irish poet, Richard is..Richard the Line-heart’d, “cause it took so long ti-bake-it..” (take my line..please!) The Irosh poets are, you know, really ghee-ahh! (gear..trans:slang, British, meaning hip, groovy) while I am biut anmere Scot. Yeah. All I can do is drink their (Irish) whiskey allday..on strict doctors’ orders, to be sure*; an’ write crap no one reads on acc’t of what’s clearly my own deficiency in terms uh thuh ancestrial qualification’s, leaning

Standard chart of poets’ evolution’s we accpet for science awards

towards the Scot’s, sadly..notes of smoke, peat and caramel, –&chocolate, but! were I or any o’my people of Dublin (like the 0’Bamma’s an’ there people’s, peradventure) it’d be another story entirely, –e’en half-a-bloodline’d do, ‘owever..just now me lovely wife rip the needle off on the Irish..the phono-graph’s needle. She clearly had enough of that..stoof, tha’filler which follows the, “Ohhh no! o-oh no-ahhh..” the un-chart.topper’s, the shloop-ness’s “..Sha-poopy!” (4:05) on the album, that götter in the ol’ dammerüng, them tracks following thee disarguably and undisputably great classic, from back in 1967, with all the orchestration’s&chorush’s, and all the rest, but..

“But their great poets, honey, let me just explain, I gotta tell ya thish, see, the cake, it got wet, you know..from the rain, enn all, so they swept it, swep’ it up, the Irish did it..pro’bly unner a rug, –Irish sweep cakes, get it?”

ha-ha! and then I get that look, thu’look that says, “I hate ALL poetry.” So I sez, “Oh! so does that mean I gotta shot??” (meaning, with my poetry, Scot’s vs. Irish an’ Irish always rules regarding the verse..poetry is experiential after all, we know that, does not matter how ya are defining IS..an it’s the poetry experience, mostly all bad of course, that’s its main fault ’tis it not? everything spelled out, vs. leaving a little to the imagination), –‘n’so ennyway so next, we’re auditioning Al Kooper’s record album, Statue of Liberty cover, in the UNI-PAK format>..<Hippies, n’producers, n’lawyers, –when they lettem in in Nashville, Oh my! to record their shtick (them kinda poets..inna 60’s, n’before you can play’em, you gotta clean off the dust, and hash-pipe crumbs from half-a-century and the last millennium..also, the GRAPE JAM, it’s in the groove). So! lots new here to choose from, relaxin’ on a Saturday’n’some 45 r’spmsingles, as well, Swamp Girl, getting a little att’n gettin’ atta MacArtur Park, “HARGHH!” inna big’qway..big yardsale’s weekend, too, Memorial’s Day’s, –Cat’olic church has lots of records over there (fbi has all mine, that’s ‘nother pome, too), records from the 60’s..got another Richard Harris one, just in case she’s interested in any more o’ that, –Richard Harris, eat’cha heart out, Nyyyahh! Scot’s rules!! an da Welsh hippie poets are on top of it, too, hyou know, Tom Jones an-n-n da built-in ree-verb’s riffing off tha’ Hammond B-3, –psychedelic..with tha’ tone-wheels an’ Leslie’s an’ all o’ that, “Ooh, Mama, Ooh!”

Is it genius ??? WELL IS IT????

“Sure, Honey.”

*Last will, et cetera..(y’all, being the witnesses, sign here, please>_________):I, chris robertson, being of a sound, poetic mind (such as it ’tis)..leave all the poetry, –en’ (translation: and) everything else to me dear wife! all the music, too.

~c. (all us poet’s are vandals and thiefs, undeserving of the protection of the Crown)

Someone let the cake! in-n ta-my brai-i-i-in..” ~cris robertson, Clann Donnchaidh

The Kids: for legalistic imperatives..defined!

ps: honourable mention’s (Friend’s)..Greek (+’De’ems’); Gill-bert; Shaun (“Shine”); the Kids; Pasotr (pray for ___); my dear parents, who puttup with a lot, more tahn I can describe (please pray for _____); Steve Athaneson&all his family&friends (including James Traficant, Jr. and all the good folks at Y-town); and many, many more. Oh yeah, –John and Karen, o’ course, and all of the rest..JESUS, Father God, and Holy Ghost, bless us all (everyone), –Dogs, thank you for dogs, dogs are the best. A-men.

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