Great stage robbery

Lately, I’m in this stage..I see the stage, it’s empty, and dark..tonight we’ll go on. Stage..Everything looks the same, to me, pretty’s a space I’m quite familiar with. And tonight we’ll go on, do a few songs, like any night..I’ll look out in the lights, say some words and sing a few more, I’ll gesture around the stage, say some friends, here. Yeah, it’ll all look spontaneous, hopefully..people are out there somewhere, sitting at tables, drinking their drinks..and we’ll be up there, on the stage, makin’ the music, makes everyone feel, like great! stage, robbery. Great. Yeah and

we just pulled in, I’m looking the place over, and there’s the stage..where it’ll all be happening tonight. I used to like the songs, when I’d write them, then, it was..kinda cool, they would make me smile, look at what I wrote! Scratch out a melody, strum it on the guitar, smile. That was in the early stages. Then, different things started happening..differently, them later stages, up on a stage with the boys, it seemed so empty, even with a full house..and when we’d finish the tear-jerker, you might hear a pin..drop, onna mouse. And then they’d all cheer and clap, and aks for more. But something wasn’t working, and I’m alone, trapped..with a beer, behind a locked door, and a gun behind my back..robbed of a free spirit, and the love..stage, robbery, “Ya got me!”

So – when you got everything you want, and it ain’t what you, fast lovers and friends, spinning webs..and things seem like they’ll never end. Well it came all crashing down at some point, and no one noticed (the End)..everyone kept coming, to see me,ME! they came to see. But I’m not there, you see. And who cares any way, the show must go on, –show, the’s the thing! see? stage robbery. So –

Who am I kidding, nobody wants me..legend in my mind! never got anywhere..starin’ at the stairs. So where does it go from here, what’s next? I’ll retire soon..end my career, stock up on beer, buy something out in the country..southern side of the moon. Then, we’ll build the stage, big outdoor stage..won’t need stage lights, cause, you know..sun, and everything; set up tables..a bar, under the stars; and everybody can hear us on their head-sets..near and far, inside their space helmets..with some little wings for decor, yeah, it’s about at that stage..Great! Stage Robbery, yeah..see ya there, Where? you’ll see..great stage robbery, nice! We’re just going through a stage, now, hear? all the world’s a stage, and all the musicians, robbed, live on stage,

LIVE TONITE: 3 Blind Mice (and cowboy-hats)

Published by scrunchymacscruff

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