Riverside’s Reichstag Cancels Conservative Event, Cites Public Safety Concerns

The anti-fa/fascist-as running the town of Riverside have identified and targeted two congressional representatives, lone individuals Matt Gaetz&Marjorie Taylor Greene – who earlier, had announced an appearance to bring a message of hope for The Republic to that sleepy inland community – and labeled them as being not representative of the city’s collective values, –speaking on behalf of all Riversidians (one would infer). So what are these? Evidently, they value highly their prerogative to run end-runs around the First Amendment, thereby preempting all speech that breaks ranks with their hegemonic wisdom’s, citing public safety concerns as their top raison d’etre..to disallow free speech in the California Republic (which is a whole other technical legal angle, in terms of terms, angling towards personal freedom; but never mind about that..we are not there yet). Hence, we hark back to the days of rage, commencing a few years back, across college campuses and their secret tertium quid splinter societies, with big, important ideas for all us plebeians, willing or not..

We were there, living in Riverside, when we first got the car.

Greene&Gaetz have been getting SOCAL’s systemic and highly hospitable bounce! all the way along since they got here, to the golden state, starting from Orange County, famous for a particularly well known citrus fruit tree that once dominated the landscape, there, and made very popular back in the sixties by a singing ad campaign featuring the lovely, and outspoken Anita Bryant “Come to the Flor-i-da sunshine tree..”; then to the County of Riverside, where yet another contract for a venue was again broken; and when last heard from, the dauntless duo commented that they fully intended to crash the gates at Riverside City Hall and speak their peace, there (over the situation, on the given day..today; maybe they might next check out the hospitality of San Bernardino County, for the free speech, ha-ha..or whatever).

So! Riverside is a massive college town, home to both Riverside Community College (RCC), and Cal State University, Riverside (CSUR), nee Riverside State..prior to receiving that stimulating status kick, up! with the covid’d title, UNIVERSITY conferred on them (I went to many of California’s institutions of higher learning, while they still had the cheesy nomenclature’s of ‘STATE COLLEGE’ hung on them, and personally, I prefer the lowbrow title better..speaking for my own darn self!) Well! as you might suppose, a college campus is only sleepy until they are woke! as they say these days. And, as being liberal has become something of a national pass-time for many so-called Americans, the business of intimidating everyone else who seem to maybe not share that polarizing view to the left, has created a glut of jobs designed for meeting the need to micromanage the dangers posed by thinkers of dangerous thoughts. Swampish college campuses, statewide, for the most part, make handy recruiting stations for the signing, and out-sourcing of kapos around all our towns and cities, to appear, ready, when action is needful; and then, when that happens, colleges erupt, operatives activate..terpsichorean virgins, and their consorts, interpretively sacrificing to the gods of fire, watchers, seeing flickers from lit buildings reflected in thick-lenses, of their eye-glasses..Nubian blimps, with a minor in WOMENS STUDIES, dancing, on-campus, Ohhhhh! the humanity.

In our neck of the red-woods, it’s Pay-to-play, and you can be certain o’ that!

,Now Riverside is not Berkeley; or at least, so I thought! (and indeed, Berkeley didn’t used to be Berkeley). But like all places, here, there, and everywhere, where necessity becomes a sort of mother of us, –when that happens, keyboardists spring to the fore, to work! disseminating all their helpful information’s, wherever they get them, about threats to our communities..from dangerous ideas, coming in, from the outside. Chiming in on every fb post, or any other, of a myriad of minor social platforms, where there’s friction, they send a sharp message to these representatives of ideas of questionable value that they are not welcome here. Not needed! And in response to these mature persons, taught what to think by college instructors, or whomever; and egged on by them, the unified message of tolerance – tolerance with verification – and what-to-do! is quickly snatched from the clattering tele-type machines, klak-klak-klak’n away – Klikety-klak! klikety-klak! – by the village leaders, better thinkers than us, who, with astute capabilities of literary comprehension, furrow their brows at terse notes coming down the chain-of-command, delineating hints of a portent, a..ominous, slippery menacing something, about to unfold (and “..eerily reminderous” of whatever) against our way of life; i.e., the un-throttled conveyance of informed, documented accounts about local, national, and global policy decisions that greatly affect our lives, and more so, quickly, ahead down the unlit road, and, like, “..did you hear about that??” “No! when did they say it??” and so on and so on, et cetera, etc. Well! many of us provincial’s out here are a little busy to keep up with all of it; producing our widgets, even in the face of officialdom’s officious and somewhat official commands to be..the contrary, –to hole up in our homes, as it were, and render no assistance..to anyone, or any thing! But still..if something important’s going on, we like to know! ya know? We might even get triggered, something like that.

Anyway, so I tried to reserve me my two reservations to hear Greene&Gaetz..on my phone..the little ball&chain thing we are so blessed to be able to purchase from foreign suppliers for about half a grand that lets you do things like reserve tickets, they do everything, in fact..you can even use them for a flash-light and a timer! and be comfortably enslaved to them (they listen to our every word, you know; and perhaps, are looking at all the odd little things we do in the course of a day ). In any case, I never heard back about my request…for the (2) reservations. For me and my wife (she’s a woman by the way, and doesn’t lift weights..except my dead weight). And now I read what I’m reading, and so I’m going, “So, so what..I didn’t want to go, anyways, too long of a drive..tired.” But! nor, did I want to go here, where we’re at, now..with no US Constitution, to depend on no more.”)


Did anyone get triggered, yet? About what?? And I didn’t even drop the name..of Trump! President Trump, the good American, the one who didn’t lose the election, last fall, Okay see-ya, Bye!

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