Isn’t it kind of interesting, –?

Of all the thousands of views my eyes have seen..of hands, cradling a cup of coffee in my lap; on any morning, before sunrise with a fire going in the fireplace, or a wood-stove..whatever, –maybe there’s snow! dozens of cats, and dogs I’ve cuddled..who come out to warm themselves by the product of my labours, bathing in an orangish light, unique, each in their way. The last dog we had, “Bagel” Elizabeth’s first puppy, kept herself clinging tenderly to life, all through the night, that night..just so she could say “Goodbye” to us when the sun come up next morning; and it did. And we got out of bed to see if our dear doggy was still with us; and she was..though just barely. And the last thing she did; and she had not the strength to raise her head, but she lifted her tail and pooped out a little turd, a parting gift! her last..and went to heaven. Our lives can be measured one way by the animals we have loved and cared for, –kitties, with their furry paint-jobs, never any two the same. God is the artist, he made..”Whitey!” Steve’s cat (we inherited)..solid white ‘kracker-kat’ with a silver-and-black tiger-stripe tail; and “Tess” the calico food monster: MEOW! They stay warm in winter sleeping through the nights on the bed, sharing our body heat; and then, finally, at once (one day), bodies become still, and wax cold, cold as snows of winter.

And God said, “Let there be light.” And so it was. And..

of all the millions of stars out there, outside blinds covering the window, here, –out of all of them, my eye! blinking points of light, hung in the unfathomable universe, whether waves, or big bangs..whatever can be believed (vs. what is true); and out of how many more? and still, God is interested in me, more than all this stuff! and likewise, you. We are precious to Him, more precious than anything that can be named; including kitty-cats, and puppy-dogs; or even a star named after a dog. Pluto. Oh! that’s a planet, never mind. Have we ever even seen that one? or did somebody just propose that it’s there? because of science, XxY=Z“, there! it’s a equation (maybe I’m thinking of Neptune). Anyway,

cats, dogs..and gophers, digging out of a fresh snow notwithstanding; what kind of coffee-machine does God have to supply all the saints who’ve left this earth and arrived there! for their eternal reward? (I propose.) Well, we’ll all be surprised in any case, I suppose..perhaps it’ll be like this:

“Relax, pilgrim, stimulants are not needed here, –hear? Well done..(now) enter.”


Okay. I’m done. I’ll feed ya now!


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