Here comes the sun, to drive away..Jack Frost! driving in his chariot on wheels of fire. Nice! And melt the ice. We have mice

(BTW) And it’s the middle of December, so it has to be because of, –right! global warming. Face it, we’ve never had it like this. The mice can be seen wearing shorts and tee-shirts, sipping their mint julip’s, brought out to them on platters by their house rats. RLM, rats lives matter. One day we shall be free. No one has to be anyone’s slave anymore, that’s for sure..but mice are so inquisitive! not least of all the Spanish mice; and their Spanish Eyes (munching the Spanish rice).

So the women,THE WOMEN! are fed up with it, they had it up to here (especially the poetry). First, they have to cook and now they want to take away their human right to have an makes sense. How can women be free if they can’t have control over their own bodies?? if WOMEN can’t make their womens’ health care decisions, in PEACE! without some man telling them what to do..the government, The Government owes them an abortion because they wouldn’t be carrying this kid if the government hadn’t made them do it! Right..RIGHT?? And besides, they need the left-overs from the 70 million, or so, odd procedures to cure other medical needs because of a life of dissipation..too much parties, with strange persons, and, –well, that’s why we got obammacare. Right?? That’s free money for women’s hc decisions and no dumbass man has the right to take that away so he can blow it all down at the bowling alley, throwing bowling-balls and downing beer’s; and saying disparaging things about..women. Period! That’s an ear-mark and it is what it is, and what happens in Congress stays in Congress, now..NOW

Now we all got the corona-virus, now (thanks, Corona). So what do we do about that? Hm?? Well obviously everybody gotta get vaccinated, first, and then we sort out what other executive orders we all get to obey (as recited by the anchors at your local network affilaiate). After all, in the final analysis, it’s all a women’s health issue, and the Right to choose, so we gotta do what they say..or else it comes down to we’re all a bunch of fat, male chauvinist pigs, right? Right. And if we all don’t comply, women lose all their rights. Isn’t that right. And that will be worse than a 9/11, worse than Pearl Harbor (right?); and in fact worse than anything that’s ever happened to the human rights scene since time began..back before the so-called b.c.e. happened. And then the c.e., –which supposedly followed that. And who wants that for your children?,..wait a minute what children?? teh, THE FEMINISTS aborted them all, there goes that argument (back to the drawing-board..take your pill).

So here we all are in the government classroom, some person’s up there drawing on the drawing board our sex ed lesson for the day. The teacher-person, certified ‘educated’ by the highest academic standards available (in the context of a free, all-liberal arts, government-subsidized education), is – chalk in hand – illustrating how the sex works. Nice art. The stick figures, very realistic in the rendering of them (and the scratched-out rectangle, btw, means a bed), are shown with all the optional genders, and gender-related options (+pronouns)..wait a minute, this biology or science? Doesn’t matter, all classes are – finally got there! – a r e..EQUAL (========, =?=!) So I guess we’re in math..anyway, –Hey, wait! what’s a whip doing in there?? (must be phys.ed.?) Oh, it’s Washington d.c., my mistake! everything’s normal (so we’re in Lit.)

So all us kids are looking out the window at the chem-trails trailing behind the government jets not concentrating on our lesson’s, government pilots busily dumping government chemistry’s on they, we (and everything, WHEE!), flying back and forth, first long-wise, then lateral,–“LATERAL!” marking up the blue sky with their marx, very organized (someone just got tossed the hall-pass by the merchant/free agent of the class, wonder what they had to trade, um, Ze/hir for it?), –boy raises his hand, “Can I go to the gender-neutral bathroom?” Teacher: What gender are you? Boy: All-of-um! Teacher: Good! good answer, very inclusive, write me a one-page essay on it after class..and be sure and keep your pronouns straight. For extra credit! Now where was I? The Whole Class (in unison):


Narrator: Right..Thanks, Disney!

So that’s my sunrise, how’s yours?


ps: And now all the cats are yelling for breakfast, and the dog, too..and trying to get mine! so whatta we do? no room left for human rights. So now the music’s over so now turn out the

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