3poems:Frisco,1977,1978; &1979,SanDiego


Late at night, while insects sleep, I lie awake..a drunken heap

and dream of you with open eyes, while falling! in starlit skies..

shifting pinnacles, of light! radiating nature’s might

beacons, for the common man, to light the Way, reveal God’s plan.

Like the ants who work by day, my mind at night is free to play

unperturbed by itchy bites..and gory human/insect fights; a

fundamentally sound agreement: They don’t crawl up inside my trousers

I don’t crush them! in the cement, and

so, in peace, we go our ways..sealed within a common maze.

We humans spend our time making skyscrapers; while insects toe the line

stuck on fly-papers. (SIGH)

To starve quietly to death; or fall a mile, really, it makes no difference.

Only thing I think I’d like is go out wearing A TALL SMILE (if you get my inference).

But at this point you’re probably saying, “Gee..this poem hasn’t been too terribly romantic.” Or perhaps, were I ‘neath your window, I might hear yet harsher critical utterances, like: “TOO OVERTLY PEDANTIC!”

but please bear with me, and don’t take this disillusionment seriously; because the sweetest lyrics are about to start! while the idiotic stuff fades ‘way mysteriously..and

if you picked out my meaning when I spoke of smiling at the very end, –well that, Sweetheart, is the power of my love for you..which is why this poem was penned.


I thirst

for knowledge of you.

To drink from the waters of that sacred receptacle,

a temple..which encircles the essence the of your uniqueness

the vehicle

that sustains your expanding awareness

on its timeless journey of self-discovery

is my heart’s desire.

To share in that discovery..a paradise unfolding

plane, upon plane

bursting forth, in ever widening surges

of lush beauty

atmospheric purity, fertile..irresistible!

I give myself

to you.


My kingdom I’d give, ‘f I were a king..for a song from your lips, just hearing you sing.

There is the treasure I love most of all. I already told you..don’t you recall?

The very first sight of you struck at my heart! the armies of Caesar couldn’t keep us apart. No arrow, nor spear, nor firey rock..come flying through the air! could give me a shock.

Empires fall; and new ones arise..even Tut’s pyramid ‘ventually dies; as stone turns to sand, and ‘spicked up by the breeze, until it falls, scattered, across seven seas; sinking under the waves, sliding ’round with the tide, re-arranging, and shifting, till at last purified..it rolls in from the depths! upon the dry land, where sunshine’s abundant, and there, in my hand, I ponder the journeys, imagine the source..of each tiny granule, disciple of force.

The power of nature prevails over all..we’re part of the order, we must heed the call. It’s our obligation, a pre-destined fate: To further the species we must choose a mate..So! it’s you, Jane, I’m wanting..let me be your man! in case you ain’t guessed yet, call me

TARZAN! TARZAN THE APE-MAN, TARZAN, KING OF THE APES!! Call me anything, JUST CALL ME..I’ll give you all my apes! a whole kingdom of ’em..


ps: Ahh! nothing.

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