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NOT NOW! I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROTHSCHILD’S CHANNELING MARK TWAIN!!Da Greeks, da’s all Greek (ta me). I gotta Greek’s cat sitting next to me, Steve’s cat. Does that make him a Greek, too? He sees the letters I’m typing – in anglaise – popping on the monitor-screen, steady as she goes, trying to catch them as they pop..POP-POP! stretching out his white paw (Hey! so’s my paw, my pop! he’s white..what now, what’s next?) He don’t know what’s up, it’s like, a cat, I guess. And he is a cat. All white (and it does not matter how you define A L L). Greeks were like that, wit fair complexions and good grammar, “Meow!” His name that was given to him by Steve (Steve, a Greek) is ‘Eli’. We call him ‘Kracker’ though, for short; also ‘Whitey’ and ‘White-bread’ for the same reasons; although actually his tail’s black (so is he a Greek, or a Ethiopian?) His tail’s probably as long as the rest of him, so that’s 50+50%=100%, –other than that you can cut off the tail and then he’s all white, a white HONKIE cat. “..Get back! honkie-cat, get back! honkie-cat, –Get back!” (Now we,

but now we, we don’t need to be getting into that long grocery-list of epithets and labels concerning Elton John, Sir Elton John! and his ilk; and all their pronouns, steaming down the yellow brick road, “Well I! quit those days and my, redneck ways..and Oh!” and please believe me, I mean nothing personal in all of that). So the Greeks I guess anyway were a white race. You can plainly see that when you look at there sculptures, them statutes of white marble, exquisitely chiseled, and they are white, and they are beautiful..fine and dandy, especially the chicks! Hey! it’s art, man. And the president and all his friends hate us because we are white racists (so they say), but it’s different with us than the Greek’s because we are white anglo-saxon caucasians of european descent not from Greece, we are anglo’s (so they say); and by virtue of our abominable caucasianness’s, we came over here to steal all the land from the other races, which were here at some point, and which – like the gay homosexuals – I will refrain myself from labeling (I only do that with my own people, because I am just exercising my white privilege to..heckle the honkies! of whatever persuasion, and of which I am one, –a kracker white and proud, blonde and Nordic blue eyes..lips).

So the Greeks bought and sold slaves (the ancient Greeks did that). So what? Doesn’t everybody?? Soros..and the chinese are buying us, all day and all night, as we speak – our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT! which is, btw, to “..speak!” WOOF – and trying to make slaves out of us; so does that mean we have to go around labeling all of them racists and sexists all day cause they’re doing that? And what about the feminists? isn’t genderism’s kissing cousins with racism’s? and how did genderism replace sexism?? as a term; and how can any sane individual person say someone is a genderist pig?! that doesn’t work, and also, and who wants to have gen-d’ru-ral innercourse with ?anybody???????????for that matter? I know I sure don’t!! (‘F’ that.) Which, getting to the issue of speech, and lan-n-n-n-n-guage, and all of that, what happened with four years of Trump? What was the big deal with that? (What happened.) I’ll tell you what it was exactly it was the breakthrough of the millennium!! that’s what! like somebody reinvented the wheel, with the feminists and their drive for equality of genderisms, when Miss Bee, Miss Sam-an-tha Bee liberal talking-head Samantha broke the glass ceiling – and the collective ear-drum – with busting in, bustily, on mens’ exclusively males only name-calling of vimmen and use of anti-female slurs that name-call a female using a pejorative label that is in reference to a very private part of the girlfriend anatomy – rhymes with sa-mantha-bee – YUGO,GIRLFREE-END,WHOO!AND-THEN-WE’RE-GOIN’TO-CALIFORNIA,YEAH! ~Dr. Dean,Dr. Howard Dean (and Doctor Oprah); and she used that kinda language about the ladies in the Trump household in the White House there in Dee Cee that hitherto had been restricted speech and proprietary for use only by male chauvinist pigs, or gen-ders, if you prefer (MCG’s), and so not only that, but it was a ripped-off quote that was attributed to Mick Jagger,#1NOW supporter/booster/philanthropist/donor,Mister Sympathy-for-the-devil-female’s-rights-activist&foundationCEO,Sir Michael Phillip Jagger, –or simply ‘Her Majesty’ as Keith the guitar-player used to refer to him/her/ze,whatever backstage with the whole entourage..”Black girls just like to ____ all night!” (SOME GIRLS) So that quote – referring to ‘Stevie’ in the third person – was in ROLLING STONE maggotzine in an article generated from the diary of a ‘journalist’ following a Stones tour that featured Stevie Wonder for the opening act (which they filmed but found was too embarrassing to release..to0 embarrassing? for The STONES??) And Mick used the original correct vernacular when he got pissed-off about “crowd-warmer” Wonder’s congenital tardiness getting to the gigs, so he sai-ed..what he said when he said, –those silly little words, to wit, “Where’s Stevie?? that effing C!”, similarly, as Keith would mention him in passing, referring to the front man in his band as “..whiny, needy Brenda” and, well, anyway, –and all of the rest of it, and of course we all remember how Miss Samantha helped out the womens’ movement immeasurably, by culturally appropriating the misogynist speech, made part and parcel of the rock’n’roll scene by Sir women can now – N.O.W.,now they can – say it, too; but we needn’t go into all of that..Indeed we needn’t! But so anyway she changed the F-word to ‘feckless’ (or, more likely, one of her writers came up with that), but; so that, by design, made it okay to say the C-word in polite denigrate the president’s daughter (using liberal logic); which does not match the description of Greek logic, –dialectics, rhetoric, and all of the rest. (See Protagorus and Parmenides for more on that..LET’S GO, BRANDON!)

So Steve, who was a Greek, and a master channel-changer in all things tele-vision having all the raw news-feeds direct from Youngstown, Ohio by a dedicated dish in his front-yard; and three others, that got him any dam television-show he wanted for free! because Steve was The Satellite-guy (in Big Bear..he even used de-commissioned ten-foot satellite dishes for planting his vegetable-gardens). Anyway, I stopped by one sunny morning, stepping through the gate into ‘the garden’ and he was cracking up! coming out of his frontdoor because he was watching the live trial of the guy that killed the kid that looked just like Obamma’s kid, –if he had a kid, that’s what he would have looked like, the president saied; but, so the witness presently tessifying was this black lady (stretching the term a little..almost to the point of being abusive) and the judge had aksed her if the man who pulled the trigger on Trayvon M_____ was there in the courtroom and she was nodding in the affirmative; and could she please identify him, –? and she said (in a sort-of soft tone of voice), pointing a certifying finger at the defendant,

“Yeah..da’at kracker over d’ere.”

And this had just went down and was still in progress, the trial was LIVE, the audio was coming outside from inside the house, and my buddy Steve was telling me about because he couldn’t even believe what he was hearing with his own ears over LIVE tv, and as he was relating it to me as it happen and he almost couldn’t get the words out because he was choking so hard on sobs of laughter wit it, the racial epithet that the star witness for the prosecution had used to identify the..white-bread, honkie-cat, kracker-emminem’fer who was being charged for the self-defensive act of murder..of one who looked like Obamma’s only son; if he only had a only son (according to the president).

And so this has been the story of how Eli got all his nickname’s, —The END (and possibly how us caucasians came to be called krackers, ever since – because of that other trial back in the 90s somewhere and they lost that case because the prosecutor was a female white lady and because “ef they don’t fit, you mus’ acquit!” – and so now no one is allowed to say the n-word, –including Mark Twain. Call Lieutenant Tragg to the witness stand..I rest my case).


ps: No Greek alphabetical characters in the Greek alphabet were harmed, or effed-up in the telling of this brief, but purposeful anecdote about the language and its history and modern circumlocutions, and..”Can’t we all just get along?” (Okay, thanks)

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