DESTABLIZING RUSSIA: IS IT A GOOD IDEA? A Whole New Fascists’ World Order of Idiots Seem to Think So (isolating Russians by banning their participation from the International Cat-show)..and me? I’m just the guy who stays home, I live on the couch. I try and not rock the boat. I stay out of the local politics, I stay out of the county politics..I stay out of the way of the fire-chief (I wind up in FB jail). So what do I know? nothing! I

I’ll just say this about that..the last time we had an administration that was bucking for creating a giant power vacuum in distant lands, we wound up with Arab Spring and a blonde lady reporter getting gang raped over there as an example of what to look forward to with our new migrant neighbors when they get here with their gold standard for personal behaviour. Was that a good thing? (Oh, and then a string of events that quickly lead to Benghazi..then OCCUPY WALL STREET, –and “HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT!” etc., etc.) Now, some of our politicians are crying out for assassinations of Russia’s president. Their names are Lindsay Graham (or kracker Graham, as I like to call him) and some total weird-o goes by ‘Kinzinger’ (is he related to Henry, Henry Kinzinger? the dog wants to go out, she’s been out two times..I guess she thinks I can’t count, well! I can..can-can!! anyway..and I can out art Art Buchwald any day of the week, by the way). So where was I? Oh yeah, we have to assassinate Vladimir Putin! Why?? because two of our cracked’est crack-pot politicians said so, WHAT?? Where is The Squad in all of this? Don’t they love communists???? Why are they so strangely silent? (This is turning into a rant by the way, I forgot to mention it.) Where were all these harpy’s when the sanbernardinocountycodeenforcement’s were shutting down our small Mom&Pop business back in the Gay (nineteen) 90’s?? Nobody wanted to save the trees then!!!!!! I lost probably over a million dollars’ value when that happened, one way or another. So Putin’s just another little Mom&Pop power player in a weird, weird world of increasingly strange bedfellows for an analogy with that, our situation with the bureaucrats..minus the Mom; and don’t you think he’s being disproportionately blamed for all the troubles on the planet right about now? It’s something to look at. I’m not saying Vladimir Putin is George Bailey righteously saving all the huddled masses from Old Man Potter and his wicked schemes to steal their humble hovels and turn them all into airbee-n-bee’s for his profit and pleasure, but! how about some comp’s in all of this? Let’s be fair and pull up Nancy Pelosi and all the evil sidekicks and look at that. How is Russia’s duly elected president – same fair elections as we got – worse than any one of our nincompoop career politicians who have stolen reins of power to create a permanent rental agreement for themselves in old d.c. and reign over us and line their pockets by taxing our taxes for being taxable because of all the forms we are compelled to fill out that makes us liable for all the taxes, –sign on the line! what about that? And then on top of all of it, we have to see their stupid ugly faces on the internet all day because we are creatures of habit; and we are certainly habituated to computers and tele-phones..and all of the rest of it. What now, what’s next?? So when biden got s’elected everybody instantly lost 50% of his&hers net worth, conservatively speaking, and now they’re fixing to un-value all of the rest. Q:What’s a mother to do??

Answer: Go to church. Go to church and pray..P-R-A-Y, pray! Pray for Ukrainians, pray for Russians..even pray for Nancy Peloski, I am not her judge, but I would certainly be relieved if she retired and took up knitting or something. Yeah, knitting! That would be something..Dear Lord, give her the needles.


ps: I am just suggesting that things are not always like the Mass Snooze Media seems to think they are..Chow

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