Poetry-contests! what a lot of hooey!! (they are). I got taken in by one of those things once, well..not I, but my family and friends did, they purchased OUR WESTERN WORLD’S GREATEST POEMS from Edie Lou Cole and her Cole-leagues, her Cole-conspirators – thespians, the lot of them! – ’cause one of my poems I sent them was very good! good enough to be included – so they said – in that great volume, soon to be published (with my permission of course); although not good enough to win the Prize and the cash, but it was there, alright, in the fat volume when it arrived..scrunched down onto a page with forty other poems the size of your thumb from poet hopeful’s the wide world of poetry over, which believed Vincent Price, Esq., Mr. Poetry himself! when he gave his endorsement for it, saying, “This is a real important poetry, Ahem! contest.” (for a basic financial consideration..that had a gag order). And so on and so on..so waht is

what is a poetry contest? (Depends how you define IS) And how do you decide who won it (between the finalists being considered for the ‘big hair’-like crown); and what immediately comes to mind as being the correct answer for that is: 0ne sucks..and the other sucks a little bit less harder, ha-ha. Poets! wake up!! These people have it figured out..like the Clinton’s and their foundation. If there was a Jeopardy answer to that it would be this: WHAT IS A ‘SUCKER’ ALEX? and the question (or whatever) would have been P.T. BARNUM SAID, “THERE IS ONE OF THESE BORN EVERY MINUTE.”

“Descent of poets, –and poetesses”


PS: Keep writing, genius, –one day it’ll pay off.

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