WHY I LOVE VLADIMIR PUTIN – TOP 10: ~10) Because..he’s not Pelosi&Chuck Shmoomer; 9) He’s not lindsey graham; 8) The FAKE news hates him; 7) He is leader of a great country with an amazing history; 6) He’s not obamma; 5) Like those mentioned previously God has placed him in a position of authority in the manner of kings..and I aught to respect that; 4) Because he’s not Barbra Streisand&Joseph Stalin; 3) According to FAKE news he has a nice looking girlfriend; 2) Girlfriend is in Switzerland..if FAKE news-journalists can be trusted; and

NUMBER 1: Because Jesus commands it and that should make it a piece of cake.


PS: Pray for President Putin to settle peaceably with People of Ukraine and souls to be saved. Pray for the Republic (USA), return to God..in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Published by scrunchymacscruff

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