To0 whom it (is that shows a total lack of) concern’s: Dear (MCCC) president, As a former pupil enrolled in your fine school I am somewhta appalled at having to write this, a letter of protest against the department at can kindly take out the ‘ART’ part of Media Arts Technology (exclamation-point). I went to mcccx to finish a degree in art I almost concluded in 1984 but in any case did not. I was just going for one semester to take a print-making course..something

I had overlooked while attending USC; and when discovered, I found they were only able to hand me a dummy diploama at the graduation ceremony (a ‘dummy’ this dummy still has). There at Oceanside (MCCC junior-college), I found the class I needed to finish the req’s for my Bachelors’ and was excited beyond measure when, with the help of one of your professors, I was able to join printmaking classes a little late, perhaps a week or two into the semester; but with a solemn promise to maintain a standard of excellence to the wigs of that department, time was waived. I was terrified! Never in my entire college career spanning almost half a century had I been called upon to rely almost entirely upon computers, from going in the front door until fulfilling the terms of an exit strategy. In fact, when USC’s bureaucrats allowed me to take Computer Science to meet their GED requirement for a science, I not flunked out with computers once..but twice! So now here I was, inactive with college programs for two or three decades, and barely being able – even given a high motivation factor – hardly able to navigate ee-bay! Fantastic!!


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Thank you

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