When in NY, do as the New Yaw-cuz!

First, ride the subway, then get off and eat a bagel and see the Empire State Building. Now you’re already for the the art museum, the modern art museum! Art is so fantastic and you’re seeing the best there is..New York style, le creme de la hip. Get in, leave a donation, and be sure and make it less than the suggested donation..way!WAY less. And then mosey on through. Relax your among artists, friendly artists, and what-not. Be respectful, it’s impolite to talk loudly. Look and observe. Cogitate and think..reflect. Notice how everybody is doing it, and do your best to do like they do, being sure to give it the unique stamp of your own curious, beauty-seeking personality..improvise, furrow your brows, knit them together in a cross-stitch pattern, the likes of which no one has seen. Take off your hat, hold it over your heart, or chest, whichever you got..then, fold it up like a flag, stuff it in your coat-pocket. Grab your chin and walk around the object, pensively, at first; and then in triumph, at your revelation, having got what’s-what pertaining to the object d’art at hand..or vice-versa, and remember! that with art there’s no constraints, no rules, other than the ones the artist chooses to accept. Think about all the cultural foot-prints the artist tracked like Sherlock Holmes to arrive at the definitive statement of the matter, or matters contemplated..his navel, perhaps? Who was in his group, or, what group was he with? How did he influence the others, or how was their influence felt inside the very inscrutable tribal dialogue, sent in signals, decipherable only by those initiated into that group? These, and many other key questions are a must-quest to quest for, in quest, of one’s quest (quest, for fire!) Finally and unavoidably you will find yourself asking, silently asking like all the others temporarily in your arts-sphere, here, the paramount question: What the ____ is this guy trying to say, –“End of the line! everybody out!”

Afternoon in the park..Painted by Elizabeth and Chris Robertson

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