Must we, America..

Must we, America, become a totalitarian state, in order to decide if we’d like that or not? Must we, America, allow the usurpers to usurp authority and deny us our freedoms, rapidly! so we may get a sense that our founders got it right? America, do we have to go through this? because, America, once we enter into this kind of contract there’s no going back..back to our homes and our loved ones; and our schools and our churches; and our factories, where conditions are often dirty, and days long; but when we get home we can get in a hot bathtub, lay back and breathe the steam, as dirt from the job falls away from cuts, bruises of aching bodies with a little soap and water; and we hear voices..of our wives, laughter, of our children..shouts, –the dog barks! all excited because Mom is cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving, and you can smell that, and the spiced pumpkin pies, baking in the oven..sweet! And soon we will celebrate Christmas, again, and spend whole days together by the fire with our families, sharing the good things in life, our tender feelings for each other. But if the demons come out in America, which have lain in wait for the two hundred years and then some, since our freedoms were won for us at a great cost, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and maintained against all odds many times, by a few, and proud patriotic Americans, giving their lives, their blood! to keep America free, America..America will you let all that slide, while you still have the chance, America, to hold the line of righteousness, standing shoulder to shoulder with your neighbor, America, to either drive out the evil, and stand, –or, if need, do the stuff memorial sites are made for after its all played out, the fight for individual liberty and respect for the dignity of all people in a nation, a nation under God..God, who will never leave us or forsake us..Us, America! America, ?will you sacrifice your brother American, America, just so you can feel you were right and just; because your side prevailed, and now the remnant’s being rounded up, –and you, next; to be sent to the camps, and thrown in heaps as human sacrifices to your Dear-leader, America? (to be buried in mass graves america..happy holidays). Can’t we all in stead just sit around a campfire, or something, and read poems to each other by poets who, one hundred years ago, or so, were already there, in such camps, waiting to be called, to the interrogation rooms, of the prisons..whose blood stained the stones in those places; but who, by a miracle of God lived to be free and write poetry about it..for me and for you? even when no one cared to believe them?? Can’t we do that, America, and together, vicariously, be shocked at the pain and horror of living under conditions of a totalitarian state by hearing about it at second-hand only; and together, in one voice say NEVER AGAIN! not in America!! rather than move there, America, –America? America??


America, “..must we?”


dedicated to Tadeusz Borowski, the poet (by chris robertson, a poet)

Published by scrunchymacscruff

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