‘Honest Abe’ Biden, father of any notions? or just another un-original sinner, –and

know-nothing east-coaster, strings getting yanked by rolling hoards of cheery globalists – time permitting – driving sloppily along on a satanic re-tread of a Abrahamic Lincoln..To the peace! (a project, of sorts)

Ahh! finally got to let go of some of that gas..for $0.00 cents a gallon by volume. When you had the hernias, and the related surgeries, –whatta mesh! you really miss having a straight digestive set-up, like you had as a youth, believe, you, me! Like..remember the contests? Then, you were in command..of your farts, captain of your own ship; and later, it’s catch-as-catch-can. But, as in all cases, once it’s voided out, –after the air chases around the mid-section awhile, it’s an incomparable feeling of accomplishment..gone the cramps! which gets us up to speed with current events: Titanic outcomes are shaping up; and of Biblical proportions, I might add.

They just wanna cling to their Bible’s an guns. ~B.0.

So we had The Election. And that was fine; and then we had the results..and that was somewhat less than lovely. Now we’re where we’re at, heading for a debacle at the end of the love tunnel, –Tunnel of Love, at a dizzying speed! with old ‘Uncle’ sleepy, creepy..Snake-eyes! weepy, often less-than-candid ol Joe Biden at the helm; though singularly under-equipped for the task. Unlike his well positioned socialist socialite social butterfly predecessor of that party, –FDR, Joe’s poorer relations never connected him an opportunity to master the manly, elite art of sailing. Whereas Franklin D., the erstwhile war-time president, who deftly dumped America in a condition of bankruptcy in the actual world economy, back there in the great depression (from which we’ve yet to emerge); and who, on another occasion, just as casually, negotiated waters off New York, personally steering a navy destroyer through that busy harbor, teeming with commerce at near full-steam without a care while the command confidently took a break, –unlike all of that, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., with unmistakably elfin savoir faire, has got what’s left of the ship of state heading directly for a hairy fiasco, with Lady Liberty – torchily searching the cultural horizon – full-steam on a true collision course to mash-up her toes in a bloody pulp, there, at the pedestal. And when that happens she will topple, face down in friendly waters, populous with curious sharks circumnavigating the flotsam and jetsam..piped in since time immemorial by shi**y leadership, assuming no responsibility whatsoever for their heinous acts, stimulated by lust and greed. In the history only one man comes to mind who stood against the sure and steady erosion of our nation’s sovereignty by career opportunists, and that man was James A. Traficant, Jr., serious third-rail candidate for the presidency, –Davy Crockett style, iconoclast congressman, former sheriff of Youngstown, college star quarterback (and a serious draft-pick consideration by The Raiders!); and self-styled junk-yard dog! painted by the media, and his fellow legislators as a cheap, 1-D cut-out mafia hoodlum-tool, he wasn’t! but they said so, repeatedly, loading his very public persona with a cargo of lies, and half-lies and insinuations, –pure drivel! and featured it in all their broadcasts, on c-span and TV Elsewhere whenever it was deemed necessary to do so, by the handlers, to protect the status quo..drown his voice, –his legendary addresses on the state of the union, delivered by the immortal bard to anyone listening, after-hours, with the directness and accuracy of a butcher’s chops; and eventually, complying with whispered suggestions by the enemy, forces of darkness, the sell-outs, the Quisling’s were able to silence him for a season by sending him up the river on bogus charges, framed by the f.b.i. and d.o.j. lawyers, and arrays of operatives, –usual list of suspects, silencing witnesses who knew the truth – by blackmail! – applying the bamboo treatment to family members called to testify; and who! in all factuality it must be said, offered Jimbo a path to plea-bargain his way out of prison..in exchange for the customary admission of guilt, and certainly the imposition of a heavy fine; and of course, sweep it all under the rug..to which he said,

“I’ll rot in prison before I’ll confess to something I didn’t do! Go ahead and lock me up.”

“It’s not easy being a fashion leader.” ~J.T.

We all know how that ended..that was then. It wasn’t until the November miracle of 2016 that we at last had a man in the White House – the first in a long while – who was willing to stand up to all of that, –krap-ola, and make that perilous political journey, inviting his family along for a jungle cruise, through the gauntlet of the D.C. sewers..for love of country; and a deep sense of gratefulness to God for his many blessings..assuming his true calling before our creator.


And now after those four wonderful/awful historical years, expeditiously restoring our national honor, and moral character as a people, making fair deals in a hostile, greenish environment, we’ve turned the corner from truth and prosperity, and immediately made an illegal U-turn, –four years too soon and by fraudulent methods with global co-op’s..back to their source, the father of lies. No one signed on for this trip, or, –or passage; but is the distinguished leadership ever belting out with their flatulences as never before was it heard in our history being a democratic republic..Fr-r-r-rap! An invisible ring of deathly gas surrounds the capitol ‘digs’ over hissing subterranean sewers, peopled by gloomy mutants floating paper sailboats of classified documents on the bilge..reeks to high heaven! do they not fear the coming wrath of God? I suppose not! at least not those four persons of the Apocalypse; and their indiscreet legions of close-knit cronies, crowing ca-ca’s echoings in the halls of congress day in, and day out..towing a stowage of 60 million murdered innocents, and counting. We’ve been given that number with authority, for what seems like eons now, and it never seems to want to budge to the next incremental million..does it? in spite of the statistic that came out just now, at a rate of around 200,000 mortalities, by mutilations and such, alive! with each passing day, of humans, fully formed..beautiful children! I guess it’s been decided by those who report such stuff 60,000,000 is a good number, conscience will allow that so we’ll just keep it there, that much blood of butchered babies on our hands is permissible..so long as you all bought your permits.

‘Poseidon’ Joe Biden dealing, by executive actions “..I’ll fix it; and it’ll be handled..and you won’t have to worry.” ~Uncle Ken

“WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.” And so! getting back to daily business in the west wing, by now it’s I guess reached well beyond the number of ONE HUNDRED ugly royal commands signed by the hand that fondles the hairs of a youthful cadre of unsuspecting victims..mere kids, luckless enough to have experienced the gravitational pull of a top-level career Dee-Cee’r, well accustomed to having what he wanted at any given time along the path to Pinnacle..partaker of, and unwitting high priest to Eleusinian mysteries, –mysteries, too mysterious for his earthbound grasp of things, to adequately perceive..affected witless by the ravages of time; and blind to the fact of his voluntary servitude, and remittance, perhaps, of his immortal soul in the bargain, –all! beware. We must one day be judged of our actions and words by the living God, one and all. Is Jesus your savior? Our first responsibility is to God. Decide. For the sake of peace with him in this life, and for eternity ever after, decide. I think it’s adequate at this point, ’tis enough..I could go on, ad nauseam, about the un-holy acts committed by the leadership’s of our once great republic, snow-balling to the day of his returning, of even the so-called great ones – built on sands of history – in the name of justice for whomever..but this appears to be a good stopping-off-point. Good as any. You all fill in the blanks, –and me? I have a higher calling right at this minute in time..I have to take the dog out for her morning constitutional. See ya-all! God bless..

“Come unto me all ye who labour, and are heavy laden..” ~J.

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