Oo-oopho’s! are they real?

I got up around 3:30 this morning according to my custom, turned on the coffee-maker, fired up a fire, and raised the blinds to look in on the stars. I’ve always been fascinated with the heavenlies, there’s no doubt of that..aks anybody that knows me; and space wars, too! I never pass up a chance to go see a good movie, –IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (yeah). So now the dog, having arisen from her chair and coming over to me, is very affectionate and attentive, according to her custom, becoming more and more alert, and entertaining the strong desire to play a bit (as evidenced by the proffering to me, of a rubber toy..submitted for my approval). Cats, dogs, everywhere! chew-toys, where they were not last seen..it’s easy to trip over them in the dark, spill the coffee. I had awoken, yea! I got woke! from the dream I had been having where we were in New York (or some place like to that) and the dog was parked on the street in a van, oh! and that takes me back to earlier in the dream, to the sequence directly preceding that, in which I was traveling by commercial jet..this is so weird! I never go anywhere involving the boarding of airplanes. There was some incident in the air I can’t vividly recall happening concerning space ships and even, even..space people?! But Bill Murray was on the plane with all of us normal mortals, and he noticed it too; and realized something had happened that nobody else seemed to know about, namely..well, we’ll get into that later (in case I forget, aks me about PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE). But something he said – Bill Murray said – made me think that also, he seemed to be thinking back to an obscure snl sketch they did way back there with Lorraine Neumann and him (and others); and that she might have known something at the time, pertaining to now (and what’s-what with the dream..maybe even Frank Zappa was involved! I don’t know), but she wasn’t talking about it (then). So I said “Yeah..” (like AFFIRMATIVE) and got off the air-plane. Then we were in some kind of an old hangar, or barn, I don’t recall which, and individuals of unknown origins were uncannily trying to find people, or witnesses (who might have been hiding in the stuff in there, maybe some evidence, too), and with a certain urgency to it; and there was a sense of danger about them that troubled, –in the spirit, and that’s all I can remember about that part. So then jump forward to N.Y.C., in the street, dog in van, –some hispanics, or other kind of foreigners..man, wife, and daughter? drive up and they, apparently! are knowing about that our puppy is being made available, for adoption (we had only thought about it, actually) and want to see her because (she is maybe retarded and..) we’ve been discussing getting rid of her (dumping her, actually, on someone else, before it’s too late..or re-homing her, as they say nowadays, –anyway’s..). So I get her out and she’s a puppy again (she’s her adult, slightly runty size in reality), and she’s black (in the dream, she’s black, –she’s actually something like a golden retriever, dreams are weird, ya know?), and they get out their puppy, also, and it’s black, too –and they want ‘Honey’ that’s her name, Honey Bea, for a companion for their dog, the idea being that the puppies will keep each other amused, and busy – with play – so there’s less demand on the owners’ time, and energy’s with that..I guess that’s understood; anyway, in actuality, I don’t really want to lose her from our lives simply because she’s a meat-head and untrainable (always jumps up, with her claws outstretched). So I guess that’s when I woke up. From the dream.

And, as usual, I’m fixing coffee and stoking up last night’s fire with some paper trash, car-part’s receipt I think, and a little tinder..bits of ply-wood and 2-bi’s from Elizabeth&Cougar’s bus project (we’re really only a couple months out from Christmas, give or take, right after Valentine’s Day, so it’s still a little cold out there, around 5:15); and having done that (light the fire), and being a real stand-up guy that I am, I figured I’ll be nice to the dumb dog and take her downstairs, and around to the backyard so she can play a little, maybe even pee; when what do I see in the pre-dawn celestial regions, looking up there? Something weird! with precise, matching stellar magnitude (that’s a fairly exact scientific measure of illumination, by the way, in astronomical terms..you see I’m an educated fellow, having gone to city-college, and on more than one occassiio!) with other comparable twinkling things, I observed a strand of lights moving in the night sky, of a number of between fifty and a hundred – a mere guess! it was such a novel event I didn’t in the moment think to assess them closer and arrive at a more exact number – traveling in a very straight line, in relation to each other, parade-like, and perpendicular to our perspective, at an angle receding by dead reckoning to south by southwest from where I stood holding the leash staring dumbly in the dark, a mute beast by my side (perhaps I better had consulted, before stepping out into the lower stratosphere, here, the old, sage aburbecondita, for any forecasts concerning strange happenings in the nighttime skies..in daylight, of course, we can see them, chem-trails, –and here, just a thought: Are their purposes somehow co-mingled? difficult to know). A similar, though more easily explainable apparition commonly occurs at our rural location, off, to the side of a country road (by a fire department! Hmm..) which is simply the illusion of moving lights in the astral plane from reflections on telephone-wires strung, on telephone-poles, along the thoroughfare, occasioned by the approaching headlights of automobiles, piloted by people in a sort-of twilight zone, who obviously have no concern, whatsoever, about spreading deadly germs (or whatever), in public places, nor complying with direct orders from headquarters! and as such, instead, are continually,CONTINUALLY!! focusing all their efforts entirely on bent-nail ugly, self-centered pursuits involving capitalism’s, and U.S. Constitution’s and enumerated rights and so on, and so on..creepy individuals, who most likely voted for Trump..anyway’s,

Anyway, so I’m standing there looking at this, mm! supernatural..stuff, tethered to my dog at the end of her leash, –which is pink bytheway; but that doesn’t matter anyway because it’s night-time and you can’t really notice the color of it, anyway, and I’m thinking, “Gee, this is different.”, because elements present in the normal situation I described in the last paragraph, –or whatever you’d care to call it, were clearly not in evidence/don’t jive with what I am seeing now..ergo: 1) No cars and headlights; and 2) N0 geometric correspondences with telephone lines at any perceptible point in their perceived movements, –the ‘UFOs’s..for lack of a better label, uh-oh! I just labeled them, is, is that same as profiling? (“..he’s through!”); and, in a less direct and totally un-likely comparison with the situation, there clearly was no glass surfaces between us, and THEM! such as a window (or a sliding glass-door), to be causing the anomaly; so! I broke from standard operating procedure..of taking the dog through the gate into the yard – she’s a natural born runaway, and can’t be trusted off-leash, she believes in Never let the first opportunity to escape slip through your fingers..like stardust! plus, she’s probably going into ‘heat’ again – and yanked her in the direction of the other-worldly phenomenon, which, as we began moving in the direction, seemed to grow farther and farther distant from us in their travel. I followed, further out, towards the road, to be certain I was not seeing a reflection in the phone-lines, because, as I explained, that usually explains things, and I, well..I just let the dog back in off the front deck, she’s a..cold-dog! exact polar opposite of HOT-DOG..from the snack-bar! and she’s always very antzy, and always at the door moaning like ‘Lassie’ on the TV-show always did; and always wanting out..has to be let out. Dawn has broke about 20 minutes ago that makes. About every twenty minutes, that’s how long it is before she demands to be let out again, I never seen anything like her! Maybe that dream about the ‘aliens’ taking her was prophetic! Oh, well..

So we advance..on the mysterious lights – to the road – and as we do, the line of them starts shortening up, and they’re growing fainter and fainter; until finally they seem to fade out altogether leaving no trace of their having been there in the first place..Huh! By this time, we’ve walked along the side of the road to a dirt road that goes to a couple of houses nested by the side of the dry lake..beneath stars, still. I’m experiencing a certain disquietude, a kind of foreboding about..we are not alone in the universe. I took this side trip because I didn’t want to be noticed by any operators of approaching cars, illuminated by their headlights, –for whatever reason (probably psychological)..maybe because of what happened in that dream, with the mysterians searching for humans or whatever, in the old barn by the landing-strip, after disembarking the plane..with Bill Murray, –anyway! we’re there, me and the dog, off the side of the road, dawn fast getting here, and the cars, having gone their way..and their headlights! from our angle of observation at least, caused no visual aberrations to happen that might clear things up, and the space-ships – or whatever they were – have not reappeared. So, a little twitchy, I pivot on my heel, and there, 180 degrees from the vanishing point we have been considering – among other things – raining on another peak of near-distant hills, I see a falling star, a..meteorite (or meteorette?). It was a bright flash! with a tail, lasting about a second. So I guessed that’s a sign..of whatever. And we go back to the house. And nothing happened. And so now that’s what it’s like..like nothing happened. But..I’ll let you, dear reader, be the judge of that. Of what did, –or did not happen. Did something happen? I really don’t know. Maybe I’ll try and contact Bill Murray, through an agent, or somebody (space being?)..and see if he can shed any light on it, maybe he knows something. Ain’t dreams the darn’dest things? Watch the skies

“Yesterday! UF0’s was easy games to play; now, it looks as though they’re here to stay, O! I believe, –the-dog-wants-out..

Sudden-ly! outer space was where I used to be-e-e-e, now the mother-ship is gone from me..oh! I am just a lost e.t., –I am just..a lost e.t.”


ps: Mary told Nathan my story of what happened, and he said, “Ahh, that’s easy..it was probably nothing more than Elon Musk’s satellites!” (Oh.)

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