Early childhood, impressions..last a lifetime, or–?

Mystery: Bee-stingers; spider webs and snake-holes; gophers, birds’ nests..Mom’s cooking. Funerals (silence+sounds), the Big Dipper, –Q:how does one ever get up on a bicycle? (Dad will explain it)

Experiences of naked people, in the context of family; friends..the pornographic image (the dog saw me undressed..now, what?)

Sounds..in waking, and in dreams; or a combination of the two, joining a world with universes, as one. Types: a. natural; and b. man-made, 1) creative, as in music; and 2) accidental..such as the crackling’s a furnace makes heating up or cooling off, breaking in on dreams; or a whisper, in the ear, and music, being unskillfully made (affectionate whisperings’ music,MUSIC! to my ears).

Colours..inside/outside, –natural, i.e., halo effect on the retina – basis of motion-pictures’ illusion – burning violet purples on yellow, after staring at the sun, midday (outside of outside/outside the garage), and 2) art,ART! why art; 2 paintings, a.) modern, and b.) classical..Subject: a nude, which to ask for a date..Ingres’, or Picasso’s? What is light? “THAT IS LIGHT!” ~Confucious

Questions: Why does a bar-b-que get hotter once the fire goes out! (Is it hot in here to you?) Why do guys use chewing-tobacco? don’t they miss the smoke? and why does a candy-bar cost that much at the snack-bar?! and what about real estate and how does that work? The Prom-Queen, where’s she come from, and what for?

..a good, buildable lot (utilities will have to be worked out)

Environments, physical, and imaginary, to dreams! streaming, a swimming-pool, yammering, in sun’s rays, –on the deck, and underwater..dancing light. The wading pool, and the deep end; ancillary areas and items, the high-dive; chase-lounges, guest-towels, lavatories, et cetera, etc., vis-a-vis, the beach, at land’s end..a smattering of sun-bathers, sea of dark-glasses, floating, amid umbrella’s, tanning-lotions, transistor-radio’s, et al, plastic shovels, shouting, shrieks, Ha-ha’s, physical..pails full of sand-crabs and ocean swimmers, wave-jumpers..surfers and scuba divers exiting diverse realms..out of the locker below, wet! with diversities, where they breathe water, lugging tanks in and out of it; weightlessness; to hernia’s, meanwhile: a jet air-plane trailing smoke-signal’s insensibly, illegibly..Logic, and physics!

“I’m Mike Nelson..Yeah! that’s who you pay, –“

Events! of a political nature: Detonation of a nuclear bomb (pronounced nu-klee-ur, by the way), “Burn! baby, burn!” seen – usually – at second-hand for the general populations, dependent on media representations, of what happened, –to be understood (within a framework; see also presidential assassination, TV coverage..Kennedy’s, c.i.a.’s, &et cetera’s); wars..weapons technologies applied, global v. local (the Humanities); and campaigns for political office, i.e., shaking of hands, making speeches. Kiss baby’s..kiss! (Baby) Baby: “Gaga!” (gugu, tu-tu..Ta-ta, Baby!) The Arms Race: Where they have that and when’s it start? (How to enter, Har-har!)

Why’s Russia haters?/Why do we hate Russia?Russia,Russia!RUSHA?

Workers control production..of chalk-boardS&frisbee’s (draw one on a chalk-board – did you do it right?WRITE IT 100x).

Phenomenon’s: Bubbles in the bathtub – yours? why ADULTS ONLY get to go in night-clubs (and some movies) RATED X/NO SMOKING, –how come? because I said so!!!!!! Why the Police? and why do some gentlemen elect to smoke cigars? –seeing as cigarettes light so much easier. Why 101 STRINGS..why not just make it an even hundred?

Symbols: The Cross, swastika, –AIR RAID SHELTER..alphabet’s! (English only?) NO RUNNING/NO HORSEPLAY (why is everything always NO with them? non, –NICHT!)

ARE WE THERE YET..a trip to the principal’s office (wars and rumours of them)

Concepts of..Truth, beauty, –i.e., Bach: Sheep May Safely Graze, piping up on the pipe-organ (with 3 manuel’s), beneath spectral lines, wavy, unified, passing through sunlit stain-glass divisions of indescribable colour, specially reds..Psalm 23

“The LORD is my shepherd..”

U.S.S. Ommaney Bay, CVE 79 4 January 1945 (Dad’s boat..day he met Jesus, again, after a long trip)

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