James A. Traficant, Junior, –world class political explorer, and American hero: “BEAM ME UP!”

Dear (other) fans,

We just watched the documentary about ‘J.T.’ (c. 2014), finally; and the sad thing is it seemed to follow the usual junkjournalism imperative – to libelously throttle – that chased the former congressman around&down every road and city street travelled throughout his big, beautiful public career, lived in service to the American tax-payer..Sigh! It was okay but biggest disappointment was its morbidity-inducing conclusion, affirming the one world government sticking-point that Jimbo died from a tractor accident on the family farm; without taking the slightest trouble to fan embers of an alternate theory, Yes! a conspiracy! favored by Kool-aide slurping Trump enthusiasts all across Amerca..that it was some kind of hit-job, pulled by shadowy figures, men-in-black style, funded by Bilderburg’s, and their ilk, –“Not now! I’m having a Rothschilds.” In any case..in every case! just having the opportunity to see and hear JIMBO presenting himself to the media, in his own words, and in a time of his choosing, –and reaching way back, it’s a rare treat I think; that, in addition to what we private citizens sitting on the sidelines have managed to collect onto magnetic-tape, threading through clunky, Victorian era recording-machines over the years, grabbed off c-span feeds and other fake news broadcasts, raw and juicy, O! for the halcyon days of those firey one-minute speeches, delivered, by golly! up the butt’s of congress’s collective arse, each and every morning first up..as with a fireplace poker, –in the allegorical sense of it (in terms of comp’s). But I digress.

TRAFICANT (as he often referred to himself, in the third person..in the interview situation) sure told a lot of truth for a guy who was supposed, by a majority of interested parties, to be a slippery crook..the same dodo’s who demand of us that we accept their mindless propaganda concerning him, and everything! prima facie, without probable cause and in full denial of certain facts (and yet, what won’t they demand of us? as we have learned). But Jim was, after all, human! and if he feathered his nest with corrupt donations – <so? so what!> – to further his career for whatever purposes, –known, or merely conjectured about..and if (as some say) he lied about it! how is he any different from all,ALL! the other politicians in D.C.ville. Here’s that difference: Unlike all the others..to make what we learned in high-school bonehead English a thing they call SWEEPING GENERALIZATION (about a thing, a person), –unlike all of the rest of them, Jim’s alleged corruptions are no where to be accounted for..no multiple mansions up on mountains, no Swi$$ account#’s, no obvious BIG MONEY handing him bags of cash, and zero,ZERO legislative support, coming from him, for America’s enemies, and their marxist machinations, –calling it a kickback! geared to our mutual democrat-ordained destructions, no..NO NOTHING! (I guess all the lobbyists must have skipped his Rayburn Building door-#, when they were traipsing down the halls, tossing the ceremonial flower-peddles here, there&everywhere..ala Rocky&Bullwinkle.) Elsewhere, when all the alphabet agencies went after Traficant for a second smear attempt (after the failed first) to deal with his go-it-alone, eff-all-of-you! attitude once and for all..with their well-oiled ducks in a slick, single feathery row, –in terms of a hand-picked judge+prosecutor+jury&location=(?); still, they had to get creative! even more creative than this writer, fcol! in fishing for a crime to prosecute on him, uniquely! out of a grossly polluted ocean filled full with so many bigger fishes to try..so,SO many. Traficant could not have possibly made himself a more tempting and juicier target for the perfidious other people – his counter-parts – lining their pockets, in exchange for selling out dear America..Lady of the Swamp? For good measure, add a count of conspiracy for each charge, to get a max-few-years-sentence..lengthened to life. Yeah, Capone him..why not? But, –but,BUT? no named co-conspirators?? disallow the defense calling up material witnesses? give the jury bogus instructions, in violation of standard legal procedure?? essentially, throw Jim in a knife fight with his hands cuffed to his belt? Oh well, that’s politics.

Those of us who loved Jim are vindicated in our unqualified love for the man..by the naysayers, the abusers. Yes, love, something most of his detractors know little about! Both Jim, and one other former non-politician, residing in the sweaty, oily crosshairs of the obsequious D.C. establishment/untermensch and known to all, –and who actually made it to the white house! against all odds, only told one completely overlooked and bona fide lie each..by those keeping abreast (and a giant!): Jim got out around 2009, opining, in his first post-prison interview, –approximately, 1) “Give the guy a chance, I think he’s doing okay so far..” and the other candidate, nearing the end of a long and contentious, historically dominating campaign v. the knuckle-draggers, for the top job coming in..as the outsider’s outsider, said, in ‘016, to the press, something about, 2) “..being probably wrong about the birth certificate, that it was after all, alright..probably.”, (something like that) which strikes me as bowing to an obsidian calf for the political convenience; bend a little but what the hell! who of us is perfect? Well –

I had a friend from Youngstown. He grew up there. And he shared some brutal facts about life, living, swimming in mob culture. The old Youngstown tune-up was a term well understood among locals..like everyday here’s 4th of July! And Steve said, when I aksed him – concerning Traficant, whom I’d recently come to admire – about stories being circulated alleging a cozy relationship between him and shady local underworld dwarf’s, Steve had said, (after a moment’s reflection, and heaving a notable sigh ), “He’s no choir boy..” Then we went outside in the sunshine and he offered me a giant gagoot, fresh from his vegetable garden..and gladly received!

So here’s the top reasons we’re supposed to believe Traficant is the worst criminal genius to scratch&dent our dear mother earth’s crisply baked apple pie crust..since Lex Luthor first hit the funny-papers of Metropolis’s own home town rag,


1) The congress said to; 2) The Vindicator said so; and 3) the FBI, DOJ, and all the local mafia families agree Traficant’s a crook and pathological liar..and a stain on the human’s.

First I’ll take congress (soliloquy): What a bunch of pathetic poodles they truly are! a smouldering, literal smelting-pot of tiny, creepy, bio-unfriendly ne’er-do-well’s obviously birthed from some newer, braver world’s highly elite hatchery complex, an industrial wasteland peppered with lab-coats&clip-boards&spec’s reflecting monitors, fluttering about vaulted shelving, stretched to the interior skylighted heavens, chock-full of oxygen-fed embryonic, –sojourners! regulated, bubbling in scant light, gently stirring in jars-for-wombs on timers, in a scientifically-controlled habitat, collectively breeding a senseless, sexless, and adequate future federal employee pool..of nazioid delta workers, gamma’s, walking botualism’s (Himmler’s injected dna in the tinctures, for enhanced personality features), to the purpose of answering the job description, –to govern..over public education system-indoctrinated populace’s of media-grazing nincompoops, morons! utterly unable to see our bovine enslavements for the legislatively attenuated smoke, billowing over that whole capitol, mess-on-a-hill —


The Vindy (defunct local Youngstown affiliate of theFAKENEWS)..Everytown, USA has its own Bertram De Schnitzel..the old wiener-dog, SCHNARF! SCHNARF-SCHNARF! These filmmakers choose Bertram to give his knowledgable expertise on Traficant, Bert..who built a crap career for himself, based on propounding tabloid type tales, parroting spurious impressions about the former Y-town sheriff. Who knows? some of them may even have the element of truth..but! after Traficant’s death, by whatever cause or causes, it is a fact the paper went belly up..sunk. Nothing more to sell, no more establishment sponsored Traficant hate-speech to keep it afloat. On the side of that, it’s the platform where I first observed the phenomenon of ‘the Troll’..seemingly, the truth warrior with no dog to fight, jumping in the discussion to correct our wrong impressions and queries, stemming from a cult-like faith in Traficant’s innocence; in opposition to an overwhelming, unified&obstreperous, and yet somehow anonymous g-man presence – a troll, troll with a user-name – determined to say..and have us believe polarly otherwise (add, and very condescendingly).

Reason #3..the fbi,doj, and their mob family ties: need we really have this discussion? Indeed we needn’t! Let he who is without sin cast the first payola. (When Jim was offered a plea-bargain in exchange for a reduced sentence he’d said..with conviction, “I’ll rot in prison before I’ll admit to doing something I didn’t do! Go ahead and lock me up.”)

James Anthony Traficant, Jr. – May 8, 1941-September 27, 2014 (Happy Birthday, Jim!) – served his time and got out; and wasn’t that a surprise! (for some it would seem) he actually survived. So what happened next..who knows? He barely rated getting an obituary about it that saw a speck of daylight (I wrote one). Did I say we love Jim? WE LOVE JIM! How could you not? unless you prefer the big bad wolf we call The Government. I believe James Traficant’s in a better place, a far better place with his precious saviour, waiting, with an eternal patience, to receive the rest of his family, and perhaps praying for us all. Time is winding down..where will you go, when you, like, –die? It’s Jesus for me. How about you?

Lovingly yours, Scrunch-il-icious!

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