‘A’ poem,

..poem’s me toy, a new toy! (Poem) I take it out of the package..brain, A, ‘B’ for brain, –it’s bright, it’s shiny..it’s plastic, new and cool, with colors! and fine adjectives; then,THEN! (something) begins to play with it, it gets scuffed, some of its edges, or projecting metaphors gets busted off..cause I play a little rough, I do! eventually get swept under the carpet or thrown in the trash, “MOM!! have you seen my..” Oh well, it’s just a poem, anyway. It was fresh. But I fixed that! you bet. Now everybody’s wondering why didn’t I just leave well enough a-loon..I understand. They’re not a poet. They don’t like to risk it all and end up, well, you know, E=mc2, verbal holocaust, right?? okay, so we don’t drop it on a city, no! noNO!! that won’t do, people will get upset, and have their little feelin’s hurt, there, they’re..usual bunch. They like poetry alright, they say they do, anyway; they just hate the poets. That’s why they’re called HATERS..anyway, where were we? Oh! The poem, I know! we’ll tie a rope to it and drag it behind my car, me ol’ BUICK! through some bad neighborhoods, dark alleys..then, for the outskirts over hill’n’dale, few muddy fields, and see! if that will make it recover some, maybe..maybe that’ll get the police out! (the poetry police..sigh). I can’t imagine why people don’t like my (brain) work, it’s for them, anyway, the only reason we write, we poets..us poets, us wee poets (with the wee brains). Yeah, that’s almost disreputable enough, for an image, poetic image, think, –I think we’re getting somewhere now..THE ATOMIC POET-BRAIN! THE ATOMIC POET-BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE, I, –guess I should probably quit while I’m behind, no further point..okay, bye! let it settle, we might have something


Published by scrunchymacscruff

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