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So last week we took out my heart and chopped it up pretty good. That was my first four-way by-pass, it went really nice. i came out of the anesthesia just in time to fight with the night nurse. Then we kissed and made up, so to speak. She’s from New York City. We found out we had a lot of common interests, like art and fencing and church. Anyway it was a lot of pain but they gave me narcotics and that helped. So now it’s been two weeks and I’m off the pain-killers, but this morning I woke up with a sharp pain in my back before sunrise. So I got up and sat on the couch and it went away. Until noon. Then it really came back and I nearly passed out. So now we are looking at passing kidney stones. They want to have me X-rayed for that, plus a urine sample for the lab boys to analyze. In the meantime I took some olive oil and lemon juice for it and had the opportunity, looking at my e-mail’s, to get a quicker appointment for ear surgery to fix my ear when I was talking to the neighbor last year and experienced a lightning-strike and thunder-clap just a split-second apart. It was really close and it jacked my left ear. So now I gotta get that worked on. Later, maybe next year, they’re talking about pulling my eyeball so my headaches will go away. That’s all I got for now. The dog’s howling to go outside and I either have to handle that or take something for her pain! Bye.

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