sunrise’s coming, to paint Friday’s light on Thursday’s black canvas! hand, writing on the ceiling..flip-side of 3rd heaven’s floor.

It’s not like Disneyland but it’s close enough.

God’s five gallon jug of cosmic paint. It will do the job.

Picture: No brush!

On the thirteenth, or 14th day..the chem-trails (perhaps).

All night we slept..while our Creator, who endows us with certain inalienable rights (like the pursuit of happiness), keeps busy, day and night; for example, maybe..pointing out a cat who stayed out for the coyotes to snack on, –Yip! yip! har-oo! now face to face; whereas before, he saw it behind kitty through a glass darkly. Now! some I’ve heard will argue the point: Animals don’t go to heaven, animals got no soul..anyway, it doesn’t say it anywhere in The Book! so forget about it.

Well I say this (to those, contentious among us). God, who is thee merciful God! and a loving and kind God; and who cares very much for all of His creation made the animals to be good, and for our pleasure; and it was man who got it all goofed-up! so He will certainly supply some form of resurrection, or whatever, for a kitty-cat who was unwise, perhaps, but nonetheless sweet; and met a horrible fate! or a perfect puppy-dog who got sick and died too young.

Animals don’t have souls?! Okay, what about 90% of the politicians?? Give me a break! Anyway, we don’t have to be worried about all of that, because whatever he’s got for us, there, in the hereafter, the unseen beyond the second heaven..well it’s bound to be a little more than adequate, for sure..for us, we saints, counting off ages through eternity’s unfoldment..on the hammock, no! it’s even better than that..but I’m at a loss! not even through a glass darkly am i seeing it. Well I’m just one mere mortal poet! So what do you want from me??


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